Busch Gardens

Solutions for the Verbolten Roller Coaster

DSI installed and integrated the Audio/Video, Background Music, CCTV, VOIP Paging System and the Data/Voice Cabling Infrastructure for Busch Gardens Williamsburg’s Verbolten roller coaster.


The Background Music and VOIP Paging Systems include 10 QSC Amplifiers and over 85 70-volt speakers, subwoofers and paging horns throughout the ride envelope. These speakers are fed and controlled by a QSYS Core 1000 System Processor. The program music and theme recordings are fed from an Alcorn McBride 8 TraXX Audio/Video Playback unit. The paging system and video playback devices are interfaced via two QSYS IP Network Paging Stations and two QSYS Network Touch Screen Controllers. In addition to paging and background music the system also plays triggered theme recordings. These recordings are triggered by the roller coaster through the QSYS Core 1000. In addition, the Alcorn McBride unit feeds 32 separate monitors throughout the ride envelope with theme related video clips.


The CCTV System consists of 20 Axis IP Cameras and four Axis IP Thermal Imaging cameras. These cameras feed back to an American Dynamics Network Video Server and three work stations via a DSI-provided Alcatel-Lucent private network. These cameras provide complete situational awareness of the entire ride and are viewed on three 42” monitors located in the control booth and two 42” monitors located inside the ride building.


The infrastructure portion of this project included all of the voice, video, audio and data cabling, jacks, patch panels and transient voltage suppression for the ride and its various support buildings. The infrastructure consists of 10 AWG speaker cabling, multi-pair Cat 3, Cat 6, as well as both multi-mode and single-mode outside plant fiber optic cable. The outside plant cabling ties together the three ride buildings to the Park’s MDF and connects each of the outdoor IP cameras.