Virginia Beach Public Schools

Distance Learning Systems

DSI designed, installed and supported Distance Learning systems in three Virginia Beach high schools in a pilot project with Cox Communications to show the feasibility of using distance learning to enable students to participate in classes where previously not available. Cox Communications and DSI were thereafter awarded a long-term contract to expand distance learning throughout the district. Today, all Virginia Beach high schools and seven middle schools have an active Distance Learning classroom.

Instructional/Presentation Boardroom

DSI also designed and installed a world-class dual-purpose instructional/presentation boardroom for the Distance Learning system in the School Board School Administration building’s Einstein LAB and its ATC facility. This unique system delivers real-time, uncompressed, full-motion video and audio with remote control access across existing fiber optic networks utilizing DWDM technology. The system also has the ability to connect with organizations outside of the School Board network via standards-based CODECS. Virginia Beach City Public Schools has used the system to interact with classrooms worldwide.